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Oracle Cards

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Set of Alchemy Oracle Cards created by Mrs V to give you a tool to grow your intuition and trust your own decisions edged in gold with its own velvet and silk lined bag to use.

About the Cards

Alchemy Oracle Cards have been carefully designed to provide the remedy you need at the time of drawing your card. The Alchemy Oracle Cards themselves, are a remedy to increase the strength of your intuition. You will begin to learn to trust the messages you get and feel the healing that occurs afterwards. There are 44 cards in the deck and each card is unique as it’s been created to use as an alchemy remedy tool. In the book included, there are the meanings of the cards, however the meanings are there as a guide only, you can always use your intuition and in fact eventually you will not need to use the book at all! 

Remedy Ingredients

1 set of 44 coloured oracle cards
1 book of all the meanings
1 velvet bag with chorded drawstring bag

How to use

Everyday use of the Oracle Cards can be as simple and shuffling the deck as you ask a question or just some guidance for the day or week. You can also draw 3 cards in a row from left to right and the first one will be the past, middle present and last on the right, the future.


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Items unfortunately cannot be returned unless faulty. Every item is energetically tuned to you or the person you intended it for - so please choose carefully before purchasing and reach out if you have any questions.