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The {LOVE} Corporate Gift

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The LOVE REMEDY as a Corporate Gift is a wonderful way to say thank you to your team in a meaningful way. This remedy  includes the items and the process to create the right state of body, mind and spirit with the ability to add items inside the Kit!

Each item is part of the ceremony and meditation and you will receive instructions with your Remedy Kit! 

It includes:

  • Soy Wax Candle infused with Rose Quartz Crystals
  • Supportive Crystal infused Essential Oil Roller 
  • Healing Bath Salts with Himalayan Salt & Rose Petals
  • Easy to do instructions & Guided Meditation
  • Quantum Personal Healing

Remedy Ingredients

Soy Wax Candle with the fragrance of Coconut Lime infused with 2 powerful Rose Quartz Crystals

- Candles are an ancient way to call in the energies and your guides to start any ritual and healing. We use Soy Wax as it's non-toxic, it burns cleanly, all natural, renewable and vegan. Crystals are healers in themselves and will constantly work with you to bring about your desires

- Rose Quartz Crystals are known as the 'love' stone! A true connection to the heart, so it said to help heal any old emotional heart pain and bring in self love which in turn will attract true love!

Essential Oil Roller with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz Crystal in grape seed oil infused with 24 Carat Gold Foil

- The foundation of our oil Roller is grape seed which is beneficial in reducing inflammation and a good source of Vitamin E. It doesn't leave your skin feeling oily and is wonderful for mature skin. We love to use it because it's recently been linked to reducing to stress induced depression. All our rollers have 24K Gold Foil, which has a magical impact on reducing inflammation for the body and mind! Again, it's said to be used for anti-aging skin remedies. In our case, we use it in our remedy to connect with the alchemy of gold, crystals and essential oils to fuse all benefits together

- Rose Quartz Crystals (see above)

- Clear Quartz Crystal is used mostly in rituals because of it's power to its ability to absorb, store, and regulate the release of energy – exactly what you need to bring more love into your life

- Orange Essential Oil has the essence of orange and oranges have always symbolised luck and wealth and it is said to uplift your mood to help further attract abundance. It can also stimulate the strength and resilience of the immune system

- Cedarwood Essential Oil promotes confidence and self esteem and deeply empowering elixir

High Grade Himalayan Bath Salts Sachet with Rose Petals

- Himalayan Bath salts are rich in minerals and promotes the regeneration of our skin cells. It can also reduce stiffness and aching joints

- Rose Petals are an ancient remedy for reducing anxiety, improve digestion, high in antioxidants and promotes healthy skin and hair

Selected Oracle card just for you!

Selected crystal just for you!

QR Coded Postcard to Remedy Instructions and audio recording

Rigid box to hold all your ingredients!

How to use

Each Remedy kit contains a card with your own QR Code whereby you will receive the step by step remedy instructions and for those who wish to be led by Mrs V, there is an audio instruction for ease of completing.


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Return policy

Items unfortunately cannot be returned unless faulty. Every item is energetically tuned to you or the person you intended it for - so please choose carefully before purchasing and reach out if you have any questions.