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Abalone Shell & Sage Stick

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Sage is the ancient tool for not only clearing negative or old energies, it's helps with removing bacteria from the air, improving intuition, improving mood and reducing stress. Life's natural clearing agent! It's a key part of the CLEARING Remedy as to be free, we need to remove old patterns and energies from our body, mind and spirit.

The abalone shell comes with the sage and it not only holds the sage stick when smudging, its properties are also healing and help facilitate calmness and to calm the nerves. The shell's vibration helps to move and release unwanted emotional issues.

Remedy Ingredients

1 Abalone Shell & 1 Sage Stick

How to use

Sage is about clearing the energy of an area and even around your body. Hold the sage over the abalone shell with one hand and then light the sage so the flame is more of a cinder allowing the herb to smoke. As you move the sage around the area, you can hold the abalone shall underneath or just use the sage by itself, just be mindful of any cinders falling. Then stub the sage out on the shell and leave it sitting there for next time.


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